As a web designer learning my trade in the exciting era of web standards and CSS-based layouts, I have found the collections of "CSS galleries" invaluable. Not only do they showcase the best interactive graphic design on the web, but they also show how our peers are pushing CSS to its limits to create stunning websites.

The only problem is that there are so damned many design showcases! My RSS feed reader used to bulge at the seams with more than twenty different showcases and galleries.

To fix this problem I decided to build a simple script to aggregate some of the gallery RSS feeds into one single feed. After using this for several weeks I decided that aggregating all of the popular sites would be really handy. CSS Galleries was born, and the beta version released after only a day of coding.

The current version includes site thumbnails (courtesy of the nice people at ArtViper) and now allows visitors to browse the complete gallery archive.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the RSS feed today, and have all of the best web design inspiration delivered to your desktop.


We index the following galleries:

Best Web Gallery, CSS Beauty, CSS Blast, CSS Bloom, CSS Demo, CSS Drive, CSS Elite, CSS Galaxy, CSS Import, CSS Princess, CSS Remix, CSS Smooth Operator, CSS Vault, CSSelite, Light On Dark, Liquid Designs, Piepmatzel, Stylegala, Submit CSS, Unmatched Style, W3CSites, Webdesign Archive


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